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More Trouble Befalls the Teitōken Campaign

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

We are about to have some very major problems in Ichimen. Jōichi and I have just had a meeting with one of our scouts, who says that the Mōjin army is moving into the area. I will have to eradicate them from Ichibanyōshi and from Keishutsu. According to our scout, a man named Jun-ichirō, the Mōjin are already infesting Keishutstu, and will be very difficult to dislodge.

By the time we succeed in that, they may well have occupied Kuraberu-no-Hako.

In the meantime, our objectives in Ichibanyōshi continually change. Every time I think we have cleared all opposition, the nobles change their minds and decide that yet another group of people need to die. Seijun, the samurai, is getting worried about the schedule; he has the rest of the army’s movements to think of.

The Woes of Winter

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

I have been busy in Ichimen, even as the winter becomes colder. The Keishutsu district remains solidly in our control, and the gangs of Miseru-Kakusu remain in disarray. I have moved on, to the neighboring districts of Kuraberu-no-Hako and Shiryō-no-Hako. I have also spent much time in meetings with Seijun and Rajan, the samurai who will be waging battle outside the city. We have agreed on how we will coordinate our efforts, and they have introduced me to Nayumi. She is another samurai who will be assisting them.

In the meantime, the nobles and priests continue to argue about what our strategies should be in those areas.

We are now fully committed to striking using the Bright Square strategy. But Jōichi’s plan involved capturing certain warehouses with the Floating Word technique. And Floating Word is completely incompatible with Bright Square.

There is consternation in the high towers of the castle, as the nobles are becoming aware that this campaign will probably not be done on time. I see messages going back and forth, as they ask Kento how we will capture the warehouses. “What tactic can we use, if Floating Word is not available to us?” Kento has just gone on winter holiday, however, and he will not return until next week.

In the meantime, I am sneaking through Kuraberu-no-Hako and Shiryō-no-Hako, trying to identify all the people I might possibly be asked to kill. As soon as the nobles figure out what to do and who the enemy is, I intend to present them with those people’s heads.

Back From Ikaho Onsen

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Akane and I have returned from Ikaho Onsen. Life proceeds much as usual with Clan Noriaibasha: The Teitōken campaign is still moving, albeit slowly, and there is still opposition for me to vanquish in Ichimen town.

However, the high-level strategies of the Teitōken campaign are still being debated by some of the nobles. I understand from Kento that these delays are throwing the entire campaign into some jeopardy. The original plan was to have it completed by May; now that schedule may have to be pushed back.

The weather in Kansai is cold and wet, as usual for a Kansai winter. But after the days of relaxation and partying in Ikaho, I am fighting off an illness. I came to the castle today, huddled under my straw cloak, and now I am sipping some hot tea while I wait for yet another meeting to start. It will be good to be indoors, instead of lurking on cold, wet rooftops in Ichimen.

I see that in my last message, I was racing against time to defeat the gangs of Miseru-Kakusu. I was successful in that endeavor, even if I didn’t have time to tell about it before leaving on my trip. That neighborhood remains clear of enemies; I seem to have done a good job here.